Working at Blaze Fire InvestigationIndependent yet part of a team

When a Blaze Fire investigator arrives on a fire scene, it might look like he is alone but the truth is that he is backed by a whole team of engineers and specialists who are all working together to achieve the best outcomes for clients. That’s just one reason why people like to work for Blaze Fire. In addition to the opportunity to collaborate with the specialists that are needed for complex cases, Blaze Fire offers investigators the autonomy to manage their days, their work and their fire scenes in the manner that is the most effective for them.

From small and straightforward, to large and complex losses, Blaze Fire investigators are equipped with the training, tools and support to find the answers that clients use with confidence. You’ll find the CFI and CFEI credentials with the names of all of our investigators. These letters signify the importance that Blaze Fire places on staying current with industry standards. Annual accreditation and training is covered by the company and the company may also support an investigator’s desire to gain specialized credentials.

Problem solving skill and a creative mind

Forensic skill, however, is the result of more than just training. The application of scientific and systematic investigation requires high level problem solving ability and a creative mind. Working with clients requires communication and interpersonal skills that portray professionalism and approachability at the same time. Managing the administrative aspects of fire investigation requires a business mind with a knack for organization and efficiency.

Blaze Fire Investigation is a part of the Anderson Engineering family of companies. Anderson Engineering of New Prague, Inc. is family owned and operated by the second generation of the Anderson family. Under the leadership of siblings, Beth Anderson and Erik Anderson, the company continues to grow its capabilities in professional and forensic engineering that result in the best outcomes and products for clients, while creating a structure and culture that empowers employees to reach their fullest potential.

Interested in joining our team? Check out our current openings or contact us to talk about how you can further your career at Blaze Fire Investigation.