Anderson Engineering of New Prague, Inc. is a professional engineering company that specializes in fire and accident investigation.   In addition to the forensic electrical engineering services that are the core of our business, Anderson Engineering has several divisions that provide additional services to our customers and clients.
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In 1992, Anderson Engineering acquired Midwest Current Transformer (MCT), a manufacturer of current transformer products.  This addition to the Anderson Engineering family allowed us to provide MCT customers with engineering technical support.  Our engineers developed a design program that allows us to design current transformers to the customer’s electrical and physical specifications.  We were able to increase the product line significantly with these design and subsequent manufacturing advances. 
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In 2012, Anderson Engineering expanded its product testing services to include comprehensive compressor testing through its Consulting Services International Division (CSI).  CSI is a nationally renowned product testing business that offers compressor accelerated life testing, calorimeter testing, evaluation of alternative lubricants and refrigerants and product failure diagnostics.  Industry pioneer Curt Slayton provides technical support and mechanical engineering services for CSI and Anderson Engineering. 
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