Insurance Company


Insurance Company

When the origin of a fire or explosion is in question, insurance claims adjustors across the country turn to BlazeFire Investigation for answers. They know that BlazeFire Investigators present fair and unbiased judgment based on research, science and industry best practices.

BlazeFire’s capable and highly-qualified investigators know how critical it is to get to the truth of fire origin and cause in order to settle genuine claims of loss, stop fraudulent claims, and examine the possibility of criminal activity.

In order to be accurate and reliable, BlazeFire Investigators:

  • Work closely with the SIU
  • Obtain all recorded statements utilizing proven investigative and interview techniques
  • Professionally prepare complete documentation of the investigation
  • Make use of any and all research including CPSC Recalls, Lightning Verification Reports, city records and building codes
  • Confirm property damage and injury claims

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