Origin and Cause—Uncovering the Truth

As an industry leader, BlazeFire fire investigators combine industry best practices with their scientific knowledge, proven methodologies and experiential skill to deliver sound origin and cause opinions. As a result, you have the necessary information to be decisive in your claim processing so that you can advance a claim, move an investigation forward, or close it down.


BlazeFire is the only fire investigation resource you’ll ever need. That’s because BlazeFire provides you with comprehensive services smaller firms just can’t offer. And that means that no matter what the event type, BlazeFire will uncover the truth:

Structural—BlazeFire’s certified fire investigators define origin and cause by expertly applying the science and technology of fire chemistry and fire dynamics to residential, industrial or commercial fires. READ MORE

Vehicle—Utilizing cost-effective strategies, BlazeFire certified fire investigators definitively determine fire origin and cause in automobiles, trucks, mobile homes, recreational vehicles, and farm equipment.  READ MORE

Marine—Skillfully addressing the complexities of marine and watercraft fire investigations in the field and our labs, BlazeFire delivers answers with training specific to examining this challenging type of loss.  READ MORE

Hazardous Environment—BlazeFire’s national network of investigators safely and expertly examine the intricate, multifaceted hazards involved in the often dangerous origin and cause investigations of these events. READ MORE

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